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If you're employed by a SAUL employer and contributing to the Scheme this section contains information about your benefits and options as an active member.




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Just joined?
Welcome to SAUL! Click on the above link to find out more about SAUL and some of things you may want to think about as a new member.

Additional Voluntary Contributions
You can make additional contributions to SAUL to build up extra pension benefits.

Transferring benefits into SAUL
Bringing pension benefits into SAUL from other Schemes.

Combining previous periods of SAUL service
If you built up SAUL benefits during a previous period of employment you have one year from the date you last joined SAUL to consider combining these benefits.

Part-time members
Find you how part-time members build up benefits in SAUL.

Benefit Statements
Explaining your annual benefit statement.

Thinking about leaving?
If you're thinking about leaving or have left your SAUL employer.

Thinking about retiring?
Information about the retirement process and how and when your SAUL benefits are paid.

Thinking about opting out?
If you're considering not taking advantage of SAUL membership or opting out of the Scheme.

Salary Sacrifice
Information for SAUL members who participate in their employer's salary sacrifice arrangements for pension contributions.

Temporary Absence
Your entitlement to SAUL benefits if you're absent from work.

The Annual Allowance
The increase in the value of pension benefits in SAUL is measured against an ‘Annual Allowance’. If your benefits increase by more than the Annual Allowance you may be taxed.

Membership after Normal Pension Date
When you reach Normal Pension Date you can decide whether or not to continue contributing to the Scheme - this choice affects your benefits.

Reaching 40 years' service in SAUL
When you reach 40 years' service in SAUL you can decide whether or not to continue contributing to the Scheme - this choice affects your benefits.

Death in service benefits
Membership of SAUL provides valuable pension and lump sum benefits in the event of a member's death while in employment.


Member Presentation

SAUL Trustee Company provides presentations for our members. Click here to view our presentation for active members which provides an overview of the Scheme, the benefits it provides and SAUL's financial position. Click here for the presentation for SAUL members who are approaching retirement.



Should I join SAUL?

Click here for important information which will help you to decide whether or not to take advantage of SAUL membership.



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